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CCC & Side Project Jerky

          On Saturday, April 24th @ 5 pm, I'll be teaming up with Side Project Jerky at Somerset Splits Ice Cream shop in Philadelphia.  I'm making a Green Papaya Salad with my Berbere Jerky.  It's inspired by a dish found in Southeast Asian cuisine containing thinly sliced papaya, carrots, jerky, peanuts, chile, & a garlicky fish sauce vinaigrette. To give it a seasonal touch, the addition of ramps has me so excited.  For all you who are more into veggies, there will be a vegan option made with our Berbere Mushroom Jerky & a soy-ramp vinaigrette.

Order Now & Hang on to your email confirmation, you'll need it for pick up on Sat. April 24th. Trust me on this, do not leave without the special Somerset Splits ice cream pairing. I know this is a stretch for some of you, but if you are able to make it, please let me know.  I would love to meet you in person!   
xo - Jen

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